The Winter Layer

Winter is upon us, but in the UK it already feels like it’s here. The temperature has dropped significantly and it is freeze, freeze, freezzzzzing!

I don’t know about you, but in winter I always feel like a frump. Yes, maybe some of it has to do with all the comfort chocolate and cake I eat because I can’t handle the cold, hello winter belly! But I’m telling myself at least half of it has to do with the hundreds of layers I wear.

Sometimes my fashion sense goes completely out the window in winter, and you know what, I get to a stage where I just don’t care, because all I want to do is rug up AND BE WARM!

Yep, as you can now understand, I am not one bit of a cold weather person. Bet you’re thinking, why on earth did she move to the UK then?!

So, to make this freezing time a bit more bearable and (more importantly) stylish, I’ve decided to take on a winter layering challenge to figure out how to look hot, and stay hot (figuratively and literally), all season long.

Here is what I’ve discovered about winter layering:

four tips for layering in winter

1. Don’t be afraid to layer

Tip: You want to find skin hugging vests and tights that you can easily fit underneath clothing.

Yes, it’s all about embracing the insulators! In winter I always wear tights under jeans, and vest tops underneath blouses and dresses, and believe me, they really do help to keep you warm. They also prevent the windy chill getting through to your body.

If it’s jeans and a knit I’m planning to wear, these are the two winter layering equations I’d use:

Lingerie + thermals + long sleeve top (either a figure hugging top or an oversized blouse) + knit + coat + poncho + scarf + hat = top half

Lingerie + thermals + jeans + socks (I tend to put two pairs on!) + boots = bottom half

And voila, layering done easy.

four tips for layering in winter

2. Accessories are necessary

Gloves, hats, scarves, ponchos, socks, yes layer by accessorising!

As you can probably tell from the pictures in this article, my french outfit posts, and from my Instagram, one of my favourite accessory pieces is the hat.

From berets, to baker boy hats, and fedoras, I love them all! Hats are obviously wonderful to keep your head warm, but best of all, they are super ‘in’ for winter, so you’ll easily be able to find one, or a few, that’ll suit your style.

However, hats aren’t the only accessory you should be purchasing this winter. Try a faux fur scarf, leopard print gloves, cashmere poncho, and glittery socks, and you’ll then be rocking this season with a little added glamour.

four tips for layering in winter

3. Invest in a few coats

Knit coats, long coats, short coats, sleeveless, oversized, cocoon, military, faux fur, puffer, the list goes on.

Obviously you don’t need to buy every kind of coat that’s out there at the moment, but I do recommend you start collecting a few different styles. Coats are those investment pieces of clothing you tend to hold on to for quite a number of years, so think of a collection as an investment.

Having a few types of coats also makes certain outfits so much easier to style. Some will work with lots of layering, others won’t. Do some layering experiments and you’ll be on your way to looking fine, not frumpy!

Tip: Oversized or cocoon styled coats are great to perfect layering. Quite simply because you can fit a heap of clothing underneath, and still look stylish. Military coats are also amazing at giving your look more structure, and yes, even if you’re wearing lots of layers.

four tips for layering in winter

4. Tailor your look

Take a moment to think about the look you are wanting to achieve. When it comes to winter style, you want to try to focus on your silhouette and find a style that’s most flattering for you. I say, the key is to stay warm by not totally hiding your figure. One thing you do not want is frumpy on top and on bottom – you will then look like a right frump!

A few outfit combo rules I go by, include:

Big on top, tight on bottom – Style tight leather leggings or skinny jeans, with a chunky knit, a big scarf, an oversized coat and ankle boots, like Chelsea boots or pointed biker boots. You’re more than welcome to do over the knee boots if you wish, just make sure you’re showing off a bit of your leg between the boot and the knit.

Tight on top, big on bottom – If it’s baggy pants, or boyfriend jeans you want to style, go for a tighter long sleeve top or thin blouse and tuck it into the pants. If you’re game, a long sleeve crop top would also look great. To complete the outfit, choose a structured coat, like a military coat, which will perfectly frame the whole look.

The big x big – If you’re wanting to go slightly baggy on top and baggy on bottom, a polished look is one of the styles I’d recommend. Take my outfit as an example. Match straight leg pants and a light yet slightly baggy cashmere sweater (even in a fine knit form, cashmere is super warm, and not to mention luxe!) and add a cocoon coat over the shoulders.

The tailored pants will lengthen your legs, while the light sweater will keep you warm and give you room to fit a thermal vest and long sleeve top underneath. Choosing a cocoon coat will streamline the overall look, especially if you’re wearing it over the shoulders (which will cement your place in the fashion pack too!).

four tips for layering in winter

So, there you have it, my four tips for winter layering.

Hopefully we’ll all now be warm AND stylish all season long!

E. Xx

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  • Absolutely love these tips! I completely agree with you-sometimes I’m just so cold I throw all fashion sense out great window! I’ve got to try layering tights under jeans and thermals under sweaters!
    Xoxo Kathryn

  • I adore that hat it’s so cute! I’m all about layering at this time of year, these pictures are so lovely!
    Amy xx

  • You are so cute! I love this mixing of color and texture! Layering is a must during winter, how would we survive without!