How I’ve Upped My Winter Beauty Routine

Winter certainly plays havoc on our skin. Normally I’m super lazy with my skincare regime and don’t really up my game for winter, when I really, really should.

This winter I’ve made a change and added some fabulous products to my routine, and I’ve really noticed a difference.

These three babies have been my heroes and have kept my skin nourished, hydrated, smooth and soothed all winter long.

E. Xx



Go-To Skincare Face Hero Face Oil

This magic face oil is an amazing all-rounder. Packed with 10 nourishing and potent plant and nut oils, Face Hero hydrates, soothes, revitalizes, helps with fine lines and dark spots, and is your go-to face protector.

The oil is super lightweight and soaks into the skin instantly, leaving you with a radiant, bright and healthy complexion. My skin transforms after I pop this beautiful oil on, and I can’t get enough of the smell. With ingredients like almond oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, rosehip oil and kiwi fruit seed oil, you can understand why it not only smells good, it’s incredible for the skin too.

I can really notice the difference when I pop this little hero on. It does everything it says on the bottle, leaves no residue and instantly revives and lifts my skin. It’s been such a fabulous addition to my skincare regime, and especially perfect over the colder months.


REN Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Toning Body Oil

Oh my gosh this body oil is the best body oil I’ve ever tried. I tend to shy away from using body oils as I find they never soak into my skin properly and the excess always ends up all over my clothes. BUT, guys, I have found the dream body oil.

I apply it in circular motions after I’ve had a shower and it soaks into the skin perfectly, leaving it nourished, supple, and feeling fresh and smooth.

Not that the oil could get any better, it also tones and firms the skin. I have to say, it actually minimised my stretch marks too. I could honestly rave about this oil forever.

The oil is created with Kelp extract, which is rich in Magnesium, and Omega 6 and 9 Microalgae Oil, which is super nourishing. Red Algae Extract is also added to the formula, which helps with the skin toning and firmness.

I couldn’t recommend this oil more.


Burt’s Bees Hydrating Night Cream

This rich, creamy jar of goodness has been a blessing to my night time routine this winter.

As soon as you pop it on you feel your face sighing in relief. It’s super soothing, refreshing, hydrating, and helps with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Although, the cream is lovely and think, it quickly absorbs into the skin, and continues to work it’s magic throughout the night. You really do wake up with smooth and intensely hydrated skin. Yum!



What have been your hero products this winter? Xx


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