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It is not a secret, you know I really do love wine. As my tagline says, “Find me posing around the world wearing a statement outfit and sipping a glass of vino“… It’s quite literally true, I love posing around the world, and I love drinking wine around the world.

However, I not only love drinking wine, I actually love learning about it too. It’s become a passion and hobby of mine, I really find it interesting, so much so I would love to go wine school and do a course in it. I also one day dream of having our own vineyard in Tuscany and creating our own wine brand (this is obviously after I’ve made all the money being a movie star…I didn’t lie when I said I have big dreams).



Growing up in Australia, which produces some of the world’s best wines and has many, many incredible wine regions, it was second nature to learn about the fruity drop.

As a little girl, my parents often took me to the Barossa Valley, which is one of Australia’s leading wine regions, and I like to say that’s where my wine loving started. Obviously I didn’t start drinking when I was 3 years old, but adventures out to Barossa Valley bring up some wonderful and cherished memories for my family.

Although I like to think I know quite a lot about Australian wine, I really don’t know much about any other type of wine. When I moved to the UK, the European wines were pretty much all new to me and kind of still are.

From Spain to Portugal, France to Italy, I really have had to randomly pick and choose bottles, mainly guessing how good a bottle is by judging how cool the label looked. I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but that’s pretty much all I had.



Moving to the UK also opened me to other wine regions around the world, including California, Chile and South Africa. From my experience, in Australia we just don’t consider choosing wine from other countries, we choose Australian wine, and sometimes, a New Zealander drop. So I’ve really had a whole new wine world opened up to me by moving to the UK.

I have to say I’m quite the amateur when it comes to wine connoisseuring, but I’d love to start sharing my wine experiences with you. So if you’re a newbie wine drinker, or you’d like to know what to look for when you’re looking for a new wine to try or when you visit a certain country, hopefully I can give you a little guidance!

This series will start off with basic, and probably quite popular, wine types, but as I learn more I hope to bring you specific brands to try, show you how to pair your wine with food, and educate you on the wonderful wine regions around the world.

To help me with my wine learning, I’ve been reading the following books:


Wine Folly

The ultimate wine education book. They go through each wine and provide tips on what glasses to use, tell you about the different tastes and flavours of wine, and even suggest food-pairing.


The Wine Dine Dictionary

The go-to bible for wine and food pairing. This book literally has an A-Z of food and suggests what kind of wine will suit best, and then an A-Z of wines and suggests what kind of food will work with it.


Decoding Italian Wine

A beginner’s guide to Italian wine. You learn about the grapes, regions, practices and culture of, as they say, the ‘Land of Wine’, a.k.a Italy.



Over this series, I will share my own wine discoveries and experiences with you, as well as what I’ve learned from these fab books and any other great wine source I find.

In the meantime, if you’d like any certain wine advice or questions you’d like answered, or have any suggestions on wine books or shows you think I should look into, do let me know!

Okay, I’m off to pour myself a glass, should I pour one for you too?

E. Xx


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