The Feminine Australian Fashion Brand you Need to Know

As you all know, I’m originally from Australia, but have been living in the UK for the past two years.

I absolutely love living in the UK, but one of the things I miss most about not living on the other side of the world, is all the unique Australian brands.

As I’ve mentioned previously, for example in my how to style unique jewellery article, I’m a huge lover of independent, individual and one of a kind brands.

These brands are high quality, are hugely creative, perhaps only appeal to a certain target audience, push boundaries, don’t get caught up with trends, and have something about them that makes them stand out.

Really, they’re the opposite to chain stores.

They’re boutique and bespoke.

Australia has many, many of these brands. Actually the individuality isn’t just seen in fashion. It goes for lifestyle brands, cafes, restaurants, hotels, the list goes on. There’s a reason why many chain stores don’t do amazingly in Australia, and that’s because we’re all so used to searching for uniqueness. (Note: Moving to the UK has made me gain an appreciation for the chain store/high street, but I still have a major soft spot for the boutique trader.)

Of course, Australia is not just the only country in the world that has these fresh and innovative companies. New start-ups are constantly popping up across the planet, we just need to discover them!

That’s why I’m doing something I’ve wanted to do for A LONG time! I’m starting a series on the blog (hopefully moving to YouTube soon), where I’m going to be sharing with you the unique brands I’ve come across and are loving.

This is going to be your one-stop-destination where you’ll be able to hear about ‘those’ Aussie brands I constantly talk about and show on my Instagram, as well as other distinctively different brands I’m obsessing over from around the world.

La Maison Talulah, is the first brand I’m going to introduce you to.

The low down:

Brand: La Maison Talulah

Category: Clothing

Origin: Australia

Available: Worldwide

Style: Feminine, Dressy, Occasion-wear, Statement-Making

Price range: $$$ (AUD)

What I’m wearing: Genre Halter Dress, Boating Party Midi Dress

What I’m also loving: Immediacy Midi Dress, Speakeasy Ruffle Mini Dress, Blossoming Asymmetrical Midi Dress, Untold Desire Midi Dress

La Maison Talulah has been wowing Australians, and a global audience, since their inception over decade ago.

With beautiful, intricate, feminine and bold designs, the brand is perfect for the woman who loves to effortlessly stand out.

Their dresses are some of the most dreamy I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I honestly sit on their website sifting through the collections for hours, dreaming of having a wardrobe filled with each of their pieces.

One of the best thing about this brand, is that they have items to suit various occasions. You could get away with wearing La Maison Talulah for your wedding, date night, the races, your birthday, and even casually. Yes, I do dare you to style their pieces casually (hint: it’s amazing what biker boots and a leather jacket can do).

As seen in my imagery, La Maison Talulah’s creations are like masterpieces. They’re incredibly flattering, are very high quality, and although statement-making, they’re classic items you can (and will want to) keep in your wardrobe forever.

They make me feel super sexy and confident, and I’m sure you’ll feel this when you wear them too.

E. Xx

Photography: Veronica Lelek Photography

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