The Emasphere, Relaunched

Find me posing around the world wearing a statement outfit and sipping a glass of vino.

Welcome to the statement-making, style-connoisseuring, travel-lusting, world of The Emasphere. You have now officially entered #TEWorld.

Finally the day is here. The Emasphere is RELAUNCHED!

This is a big day for us. It has honestly been about a year in the making.

Tim and I kept saying we need to change it up and do something different in the blogging sphere. We finally had our photography style down pat, and we were getting recognised for our quality content and crazy poses. But there was something missing. We didn’t have a proper strategy, and to be honest with you, we couldn’t properly describe what The Emasphere was all about, a part from being a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog where I shared my favourite things. So we knew something had to change.

After re-assessing the core, function and value of The Emasphere, we are now, in 2018, relaunching with a new-look website, fresh branding, and most importantly, practical content which adds value to YOU, my style-savvy, jetsetting readers.

Whether it’s stylish travel guides, new fashion brand discoveries, food and wine reviews, tried and tested beauty products, or simple lifestyle and entertaining tips, The Emasphere is a place where I will provide my unbiased and friendly advice, while being a go-to location for stylish, luxurious, attainable and helpful suggestions and inspiration.

We will be focusing more on sharing unique brands we’ve come across (yep, this means I’m going to be telling you even more about amazing Aussie brands!), sharing what to wear in certain cities, how to travel luxuriously without breaking the bank, and something I’m really excited about… adding more wine-loving content.

A new change we’ll also be implementing will be more regular content. There will be three new articles every week; a weekly email newsletter (sign up to the email, here), which welcome you in to the #TEWorld by keeping you up to date with everything that’s going on at The Emasphere, along with special shopping posts, get my looks, competitions etc; I’ll also be showing you a lot more of me and my life on Insta Stories, as well as weekly shop my outfits and shopping wishlist stories; and there will be YouTube videos at least once a month (I’m starting slow until I get the hang of it).

Another addition you’ll see in the coming months, is Tim! He’s not only my photographer and digital guru (and my loverrrr), he will also be an occasional TE guest writer. So if you have any questions you’d like him to answer about travel, photography, what to buy your boyfriend for his birthday, etc, etc, fire away!

Tim has done an incredible job creating this website (aren’t I one lucky lady?!), and I can’t thank him enough for not only making it look and work amazingly, but for also putting up with my demands. We make a great team and I’m so proud of what we’ve put together.

The website is now easier to navigate, and with newly organised category pages you’ll be able to find exactly what kind of article you’re looking for straight away, whether it’s where to eat in Rome, what to wear in Lisbon, or the latest on a unique brand I’ve discovered. You’ll also notice we now have a Shop page, where you can shop my Instagram looks, as well as my favourite finds in fashion, beauty, travel and entertaining.

What do you think of the changes? I do hope you like them!

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ongoing support and love. The Emasphere wouldn’t be the same without you, my fun, enthusiastic and inspiring readers.

In the meantime, before we meet again, pour yourself a glass of vino, have a squiz around the fresh new site (there’s plenty new content to catch up on) and head over to our About page to read more about the new TE and the content we’ll be bringing you moving forward.

Chat soon, and enjoy that vino (and our site!),

E. Xx

PS. If you ever have any content ideas, or have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on hello@theemasphere.com, and remember to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel.




The Emasphere is an ever so stylish, and dramatically statement-making digital world for dreamers, bosses, fashionistas, globetrotters, creatives, wine lovers, and ultimately, the everyday woman. Known as quite the poser, Emma Spencer takes her readers on a chic journey around the world, where she shares stories of her love for fashion, travel, beauty, entertaining, and of course, wine!

Welcome to #TEWorld. Xx


Emma Spencer wearing Talulah Red Dress
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