7 Top Places to Take the Best Instagram Photos in Rome

Rome is not only one of the most romantic cities in the world, it is one of the most Instagrammable. Our pictures were a real hit from our trip to Rome at the beginning of the year, with many of you messaging me to ask about our certain shoot locations.

So, I’m going to spill our secrets and let you in on where to take Instagram photos in Rome, so you too can achieve the perfect Instagram shot in the romantic Italian capital.

Here are the best photo locations in Rome. 

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Where to Take Instagram Photos in Rome




Of course everyone wants that perfect Colosseum shot. It’s such an iconic Rome monument. It’s grandeur is majestic and the area is so atmospheric, which is perfect to achieve an array of shots. To get ‘that’ shot like the one below, follow these directions to find the location.

Above Colosseo Metro Cafe, there are stairs to the right. Walk up these stairs, then turn left and walk down to the car park. There you will find a ledge which overlooks the this incredible building.


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Trevi Fountain

Although the Trevi Fountain is one of the Rome’s most magical Instagram spots, it is also the hardest place to get a good shot.

If you really don’t want to be bothered by tourists, you do need to go super early – we’re talking 6-7am. But if you’re lucky, you can squeeze in at the side of the fountain (I’d recommend the right side), and quickly get some snaps before any one gets in your way.

You may have a few random arms in your shot, but if you’re talented at photoshop you can easily edit them out. Otherwise, I guess they add a little character to the shot (if you’re a perfectionist like me, you’ll cringe – but you’ll just have to deal)!


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Spanish Steps

Despite being another tourist hot spot, the Spanish Steps is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Rome.

Walk up the steps and you have the backdrop of rustic off-white stone, to achieve that ‘white background’ shot.

Then you have the steps, which tend to be super busy, so it can be hard to get a photo without photo-bombers – but if you manage, good on you!

Walk right up to the top to the church of Trinità dei Monti, and you have a wonderful look out over Rome.


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Pincio Terrace

Take a walk up the large staircase behind Piazza Del Popolo, and you will reach the Pincio Terrace, which has unmissable skyline views of Rome.

Right next to the terrace lies the gardens of Villa Borghese, which are beautiful to have a walk around, and yes, perfect for more Instagram-worthy Rome photos.


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Rome Restaurants

Restaurants make for some of the best places to take photographs in Rome. They’re always a quirky, and are an authentically Italian backdrop.

Everyone loves, and can relate to, Italian food, so use meal times as a photo opp (you probably do anyway!). Show off your pasta, wine and tiramisu, and of course, the Rome restaurant you’re eating in.

The photo below was taken at I Vascellari, a local’s favourite.


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Rome Rooftops

You can’t beat a rooftop shot in any location, but especially in Rome.

The shot below was taken at the hotel we stayed in, Vatican View, which as you can guess, has a Vatican view. We believe it is one of the top photo spots in Rome.

The rooftop is open for you to enjoy at any time, but we’d recommend for you to go at the prime shooting times – in the morning or late afternoon.


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Rome Street Style

The streets make for some of the best places to Instagram in Rome. They’re are just so pretty!

The old terracotta-coloured buildings and the cobble stoned streets are romantic and historic. If you’re wearing a statement outfit, you can’t help but stand out.


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Now you know where to go in Rome to take the best photos, but do you know how to take great Instagram photos in Rome


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