The Summer Cocktail Recipe You Need to Try

Looking for a new drink to create at your next stylish soiree, backyard bbq (Aussies I’m looking at you!), or for a cheeky night cap? The King’s Ginger may be for you.

You could say history buffs and statement makers, are especially going to be like this tipple. So if that’s you, listen closely.

Created for King Edward VII (who knew there were so many King Edwards?!) in 1903, The King’s Ginger is a drink like no other.

King Edward wanted a drink which stood out in a glass, as much as he stood out in the crowd. I guess you could say King Edward and I have quite a lot in common… as you know I love to stand out.

The King’s Ginger was born out of a desire to be unique. They say you can blend in, or you can stand out, and with this drink, The King’s Ginger chose to stand out. 

The liquor is certainly unlike anything I’ve tasted before. It’s incredibly refreshing and instantly relaxes you. There is a ginger hit, but mixed with tonic water and orange, you achieve a sweet, yet not too sweet, crisp, light and easy to drink cocktail. It’s a drink perfect for any occasion, whether formal or informal. Have it with food, or on it’s own. Enjoy in the afternoon, or in the evening. It’s flexible, unique, fun and yum.


Summer Cocktail Recipe, The King's Ginger


So wondering how to make The King’s Ginger into your fresh new drink? Here’s how to make a King’s & Tonic.


King’s & Tonic Recipe


One part The King’s Ginger



Three parts tonic water



If you want a little added aroma and a citrus touch you can add a dash of Angostura Bitters…which you can pick up at the supermarket.

I didn’t have the bitters on me, so instead I added add a squeeze of orange.



Throw it all into together with plenty of ice and garnish with an orange slice.


Summer Cocktail Recipe, The King's Ginger


Now it’s your turn….


E. Xx




Find out more about The King’s Ginger, here

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