18 Aesthetically Pleasing Dinner Party Must-Haves

Gold cutlery, marble cheese boards, rose gold champagne bottles and pineapple shaped shot glasses, they’re all must-have pieces to have to throw a stylish dinner party.

Following on from my last article, How to Host a Stylish Dinner Party, these 18 luxurious decorative items, home accessories, nibbles and tipples will all impress your guests as soon as they walk through the door.

E. Xx

1. Gold Cutlery Set

2. Pineapple Shot Glasses

3. Rose Buds Candle

4. White & Gold Serving Bowl

5. Senhora da Ribeira Vintage Port

6. Green Olives with Garlic

7. Marble & Copper Condiment Set

8. Mixed Metallic Cheese Knives

9. Marble & Wood Lazy Susan

10. Marble & Brass Candle Holder

11. Cuvée Rosé Champagne

12. Marbled Stone Heart Bottle Stop

13. 23CT Gold Chocolate & Rose Petal Bar

14. Sour Cherry, Cranberry & Star Anise Compote

15. Toast for Cheese

16. Marble Tray with Glass Cloche

17. Grid Round Trivet

18. Coupe Glasses with Gold Band

What are your dinner party must-haves? Xx

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