Emma in the City: New York in Liverpool

New York is somewhere I’ve always dreamt of travelling to. So many people have said to me “NYC is the place for you, Emma!”, and I have to admit I think they’re right (but perhaps after LA – hello, a girl wants to make it to Hollywood too! #bigdreamer).

I can imagine I would love the restaurants, the speakeasy cocktail bars, the fashion, and of course the opulence and old school glamour New York is known for.



But for the moment, while I make my place in the UK, specifically Liverpool, I will just have to dream about one day seeing my name in lights in New York, and do like they do in the movies and create scenes in Liverpool to make it look like I’m in New York.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you may not be aware Liverpool is a filming hot spot. Many big blockbuster movies, including Harry Potter, Florence Foster Jenkins, Fast & the Furious, Fantastic Beasts and Captain America, and TV shows like Peaky Blinders, have all had scenes filmed in this fabulous city.



Can you guess which city is the most popular to recreate here? Yep, New York! With the buildings around the Albert Dock area, including the Liver Building and certain New York-esque streets in Liverpool City Centre, it’s easy to see why. Just have a look at my New York Dreaming post and you’re instantly taken to NYC!

As I had already shot in this amazing area of Liverpool, I chose an alternative location for my Emma in the City New York scene photoshoot – none other than the Liverpool Philharmonic.



The Philharmonic is not only one of Liverpool’s most famous spots for music performances and events, the decor of the building screams New York glam.

If you’re visiting to Liverpool for some sightseeing, head up to the Philharmonic on Hope Street and have a walk around the surrounding area, there’s lots of cool coffee shops and places to eat (you know that’s how I judge an area!), and there’s also incredible Catholic Cathedral, which you must-visit!

E. Xx




Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Liverpool

Photography: Rachel Worsley

Make up: Laura Radcliffe

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