Liverpool Photo Diary

Liverpool has been our home for over four months now and we have loved every minute of it. A city of incredible architecture, culture, food, shopping and nightlife, Liverpool is a city you should seriously consider visiting if you’re travelling to the UK anytime soon.

I’m going to be loading you up with lots of posts about Liverpool in the coming months, so I thought what better way to kick off the series than to share some of the photos I’ve taken while exploring this fabulous city.


E. Xx

City centre City Centre Hanover Street City Centre Albert Dock Liver Building Albert Dock Albert Dock Liver Building Christmas village Liverpool One Albert Dock Albert Dock Cathedral, Liverpool City Centre City Centre Liverpool-England-17 Liver Building Liverpool-England-18 Liverpool-England-16 Liverpool-England-20 Albert Dock Albert Dock Albert Dock Liverpool-England-22 Liverpool-England-23 Liverpool-England-24 Liverpool-England-28 Liverpool-England-29 Albert Dock Albert Dock Albert Dock


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Latest comments
  • Gorgeous photos! Liverpool looks nothing like what I imagined. It’s much more industrial and…happier?? I don’t know how to explain it. I really don’t think I had any clue what England outside of London looked like. I *must* travel there soon!

  • Lovely photos! I’ve never been to Liverpool before but I’d love to in the future. How cute is that ice cream van?!


  • I didn’t know Liverpool was this beautiful!
    Dora http://www.bangsbang.com

  • Liverpool looks like a grand and impressive city. Yet there seem to be some cosy corners too. Looks really attractive to visit. I’m looking forward to your experiences in these new surroundings! Enjoy!
    Bold Bliss

  • I never actually visited Liverpool when I was living in London, and totally regret it by the looks of your photos!

    • Ohhh yes you missed out Siffat, you’ll have to come back and visit one day!!! Xx

  • Wow, amazing photos!!!!!! I want to visit Liverpool!

    • Thanks so much Patricia!!! It’s a pretty cool place, you’ll definitely have to visit! Xx

  • Beautiful pictures! I’ve never been to Liverpool, but I definitely want to visit one day, and you made me wanna go even more 🙂 Have a lovely day!

    xo, Esther


  • Oh girlie, loving these pics! We have been to Liverpool so so many times but haven’t visited recently. We absolutely must organise a little meet-up 🙂
    xox Nadia

  • Amazing photographs, I wish I could visit! Those sunsets are breathtaking…


  • I’ve never been to Liverpool and your amazing pictures make me wanna go like right now!