Let’s Get Personal – E’s Life Update

Hello darlings, I hope you’re all well. First, I must apologise for disappearing off the face of the earth over the last few weeks. I haven’t been posting much on here nor on Instagram, and I haven’t been replying to many emails, messages or comments.

The truth is, I just haven’t had the headspace.

You’re probably also wondering why I left the UK so randomly too, and left poor Tim behind. After spending a few months in Melbourne in the middle of last year while we were sorting out Tim’s visa, we said we wouldn’t go back to Australia for a number of years. We wanted to go on new adventures and had plans to travel the rest of Europe and some areas in the world we hadn’t touched before. So being back in Australia is totally unexpected.

As a little recap – we had an busy start to the year with spending NYE in Rome, in late January we learnt how to ski in the French Alps thanks to rentalcars.com, in February we went on a road trip to Portmeirion in Wales, in March we spent my birthday in Amsterdam, in April I travelled to Lisbon with Havaianas, and in May I went to Ireland with Ryanair and Tourism Ireland (more on my trip there soon), and had plenty of trips to London, almost every two weeks. It’s been a crazy, but fulfilling six months.



However, behind the scenes, things started to go a little weird in my personal life. My dad was diagnosed with cancer. However thankfully, despite the pain he has to go through, he has a very treatable kind.

Then my mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which as a non-smoker and non-diabetic, was completely random.

In the space of six months, both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. I know it sounds a little naive, but I never thought we would have to deal with something like that. I simply never thought we would have to deal with cancer.

A week after mum was diagnosed she started chemo, and I arrived home just after she completed her second round. The last few weeks have been a blur, and as I said above, I’ve had no space in my mind to even think about writing, shooting, being creative, I haven’t had the energy.



So, I’ve come back to Australia indefinitely to look after the family, and Tim will stay in the UK while we sort out the next steps. I haven’t decided yet whether I will share much more of this journey on The Emasphere. However, writing about it might end up being quite therapeutic and a bit of an escape for me, but I’ll see how I go. Pancreatic cancer has barely any funding behind it, and research is unfortunately very limited, so I would love to somehow create some awareness around the disease.

In the meantime, if you have any tips on how to help cancer patients – anything from specialists, clinical trials, food tips, books, anything – I would really appreciate it. Or, if you’ve gone through a similar experience and don’t mind sharing, I’d love to hear your story.

In regards to posting, I’ll be trying to pop up articles every now and then – I have a huge backlog of things to share with you all, so I’ll be trying to update the website and my Instagram when I can.



You never know what’s going to happen to you in your life, so embrace every moment. Live life to the fullest and be a happy, positive person. I’m so grateful to have had the amazing opportunities I’ve experienced this year, but it’s now time for me to throw all my energy into looking after my family. When things like this happen, you realise all those little things you were worrying about don’t matter (the Instagram algorithm and very competitive influencers faking their way to stardom, were two silly things getting me down this year).

It’s been a whirlwind year, but things happen for a reason. We just need to be brave and keep smiling.

Thank you so much for your support.

Chat to you soon,

E. Xx

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If you would like to donate to a cancer foundation, I would be beyond appreciative. Please see the details below.


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