Venice Photo Diary

After getting so wrapped up in my Milan article the other day, I couldn’t stop thinking about my travels in Italy. I started looking back on my photos and I have so many to share it’s ridiculous.

I have to admit I’m a little bit of a photo-holic. Whenever I’m on holiday I take a zillion photos of anything and everything. I always try to multitask by trying to enjoy the moment, and at the same time take pictures to capture the beauty of what I’m seeing. It can be really hard!!

I remember this little multitasking act happened to me while I was in Venice. Everything I was seeing and experiencing was just so beautiful and it was overwhelming for both myself and my camera.

So then I thought today, what better way to continue the Italy love on The Emasphere this week than to collate some of my Venice images and share the beauty with you.

Venice is such a magical place, and I’m sure once you travel through my photo journal below you’ll be booking your flights to head there straight away. I know I’m tempted!

E. Xx

Italy-Venice-Travel-74 Italy-Venice-Travel-73 Italy-Venice-Travel-7 Italy-Venice-Travel-43 Italy-Venice-Travel-24 Italy-Venice-Travel-8 Italy-Venice-Travel-31 Italy-Venice-Travel-35 Italy-Venice-Travel-55 Italy-Venice-Travel-14 Italy-Venice-Travel-27 Italy-Venice-Travel-42 Italy-Venice-Travel-70 Italy-Venice-Travel-33 Italy-Venice-Travel-39 Italy-Venice-Travel-48 Italy-Venice-Travel-1 Italy-Venice-Travel-53 Italy-Venice-Travel-37 Italy-Venice-Travel-66 Italy-Venice-Travel-4

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Latest comments
  • These photos are beautiful! You’re totally right to take thousands of them, you can’t have too many photos of places like these 🙂

    Julia xx
    | http://www.juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr |

  • Your pictures are absolutely delightful.
    I’ve been to Venice something like 5 years ago. I understand that it’s such a touristic place and it was summer (which means holidays), but the amount of people was too crazy for me haha! As a big city girl, I’m always trying to get away from the crowd 🙂
    That’s why I probably like watching your pics more than being in Venice haha!

    P.S. that photo of you in a boat is ADORABLE.


  • You capture it beautifully… it’s such a stunning little place!!!

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

  • Great pictures of Venice. I love Venice and it’s time to back again.