What E Wore to Tackle the Slopes in Style

Our trip to Serre Chevalier in the French Alps was incredible. As it was our first ski trip, we really didn’t know what to what to expect. The only thing we were certain about was the cold weather, although the whole week we were there it was sunny and actually surprisingly warm! This doesn’t include the time we went right up to the Serre Chevalier peak and I cried because it was so cold – but more on this another time.

Of course, working out what to wear and what to pack was high on my priority list, because A. I wanted to look cool on the slopes, and B. we’d never been to the snow before so we actually had to research and plan what to take, and believe me it’s more stressful than you realise. Packing for trips is normally stressful for me anyway as I’m always having to think about what outfits will suit the destination we’re travelling to, but this was a whole other level.

I’ll put a snow trip packing article together for you soon, so you will know all the essentials to bring, but for now I want to share the items I wore on the slopes so you can shop my ski style!

E. X



I loved this zip-up jacket from Peak Performance. It was such good quality. Although it was quite a lightweight jacket, the material was thick and insulating. It was a great layering piece and fit perfectly over the top of my base layers, and looked fabulous underneath my ski jacket.

My ski pants are from Topshop SNO (they come with braces to hold them up), and I was obsessed with them. They were super warm and really flattering, despite the number of layers I had underneath them. Although they were a snug fit, they were roomy enough to fit my base leggings, ski socks and ski boots underneath. If you’re heading to the snow I’d really recommend to look into the Topshop SNO range. It was one of the only ski collections I came across which actually offered good quality and super stylish items, which weren’t immensely expensive.

To finish the look I’m wearing a faux fur hat from Marks & Spencer, which I picked up for £19 and it was such a fabulous buy. I obviously had to wear a helmet while I was skiing, but this hat was great to wear after I finished shredding on the slopes, and it was a bit of a fun alternative to the go-to winter hat, the beanie.




I was super excited to some across the brand, Falke, when I was looking for base layers. I chose a maximum warm top and tights from their base layer range, and the SK1 socks, which are their thickest pair of skiing socks. It’s safe to say I was lovely and warm, and incredibly comfortable too. Their base layers are made especially for physical activity, so they keep you fresh like a daisy, even if you’ve been skiing all day long.

Now for the boots I lived in while I was at the snow, my Moon Boots. If you’d ask one thing I’d recommend you invest in for your trip to the snow, it’s these babies. Yes, they’re big, brash and bold, but boy, they’re AMAZING. They’re like having big pillows on your feet. Super comfy, waterproof and warm, you can walk through big mounds of snow and not get wet. They were pretty much the only pair of shoes I wore while I was away. I wore them to and from the ski slopes, to and from the village, out for dinner… anywhere and everywhere! I love them!

The little fur number on my head is another fab hat from Marks & Spencer. I purchased this before I went to Krakow in 2016, so it’s not from their latest collection, but you can obviously tell M&S are a great place to go to to find faux fur hats!




Now for another must-have piece from Topshop SNO – this ever so stylish ski jacket. I loved how it cinches in at the waist with the elastic belt. This not only cuts a flattering figure (which is a super hard task when you’re wearing ski gear, everything is so bulky), it helps to keep you nice and warm too, it’s like you’re all tucked in! I’d say the jacket is true to size, and I was able to fit my Falke base layer top and Peak Performance jacket underneath it, however if you want a little more room to move, I’d suggest perhaps going up a size.




What kind of ski outfits do you like to wear when you go to the snow? Do you have any favourite ski brands? Xx


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