The Stylish Party

Party season is here and it’s time to stylishly celebrate with friends and family. As a fashionista, I not only love to style outfits, I also love styling events and parties.

I’m quite the perfectionist, so for me, creating a party can be a slightly stressful situation. That’s why before I do anything, I brainstorm and plan exactly what I’m wanting to achieve.

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If you’re hosting a party this cocktail season and you’re feeling a little frazzled, please stress less – I’m here to help! I’m going to let you in on some of my tips on how to plan a stylish soiree.

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Fashionista’s Guide to Hosting a Stylish Party

tips on how to have a stylish party the emasphere

A Theme is a Must

Yes, no matter how big or small your party will be, you must have a theme!

Working out your theme is the best starting point when it comes to organising an event. It’s the base for everything, from how your decorations are going to look, to what kind of food you’ll have, the type of music, the dress code, etc etc.

On the weekend I put together a party to celebrate the Feel Good Drink’s #SpreadFeelGoodness campaign. I wanted to create something stylish, festive, glamorous and fun. Taking colour cues and good vibes from Feel Good Drinks, creative direction from the latest fashion trends (90s, sequins, metallics, glitter), and adding some Christmas season magic, I decided to go for a 90s glitter themed party!

After working out the theme, I searched the internet for inspiration (yes, Pinterest is an party planner’s bestie!), and created a mood board document. This is where I posted pictures and notes on everything I thought would be handy to help me create my vision, including pictures of fashion campaigns and food and drink presentation. Once the mood board was complete, I made a list of everything I needed to buy and went off to the shops to see what I could find.

Creating a mood board, writing a huge list, and getting out to the shops to see what was available, gave me a clearer idea on how to bring my 90s glitter party to life.

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Have an Instagram-Worthy Range of Food & Drinks

Food and drinks are always a highlight of a party, when they’re done well.

First of all, think about your theme. If you’re having an Italian themed party, you’d obviously choose Italian styled food and drink – hello authentic pizza, pasta and vino! If you’re having a very glamorous masquerade party, perhaps a killer cheese board, fancy canapés and elegant cocktails are the way to go. An outdoor BBQ? Choose fresh salads, seafood, veggie burgers and fruity cocktails.

For my 90s glitter themed party, I decided to go for bright colours and fun food. Sweet treats like donuts and mini chocolates were a hit, and the bright colours and fabulous packaging from the Feel Good Drinks really gave the party an added pop!

tips on how to have a stylish party the emasphere

Providing guests with a range of food and drinks is a must at a party. Having vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options, go a long way to satisfying your guests.

Alcohol is also a party favourite. We all love our fine champagne and good wine, but stop and think about those who aren’t drinking. You want to provide them with something as equally (or perhaps even more) delicious!

I personally don’t drink soft drink, so it wouldn’t be my first choice as a non-alcoholic option at any party I put on. I much prefer natural drinks, and this is where Feel Good Drinks come in.

Feel Good Drinks are 100% natural, and are made from a simple blend of fruit and water. What I really love is that they have no added sugar, yep they are literally au naturel… a massive tick in my books! Their flavours are seriously fabulous too, some of which include, Lemon, Elderflower and Water; Orange, Mango and Water; and Cranberry, Pomegranate and Water. Yum, yum, yum!

Feel Good Drinks are also great ingredients for making mocktails and cocktails. Yes, that’s right, they really are the perfect drinks addition to your party, and are so much healthier too! Say no to the soft drink, please!!

My last tip for food and drink… ask yourself the question, ‘Is this Instagram-worthy’?! If you can say yes to that, you know you’re on your way to having a very yummy (and very good looking) party, and your guests will be feeling happy and satisfied.

tips on how to have a stylish party the emasphere

Get into D.I.Y

D.I.Y is one of the best parts of putting a party together, and I absolutely lovvveeee it! It’s so much fun, and really gets your creative juices flowing.

Again, drawing inspiration from your theme, work out what D.I.Y decorations will suit best and what colours you should go for.

As an example, for my party on the weekend, I created a balloon and fairy light corner feature (which kind of doubled as a fancy Christmas tree!); popped gold wrapping paper up on on of the walls to create a photo wall; and added sequins into clear lightbulbs to make them all nice and fancy.

Even though I didn’t use them for my most recent soiree (as I felt they didn’t go with the theme), flowers are something I regularly work with to create a stunning feature. Instead of spending a fortune on purchasing a huge bouquet from a florist (which don’t get me wrong, I love to do occasionally), why not save money where you can and buy flowers from your supermarket or local fruit & veg store. I always buy a few bunches and mix and match them together to create a masterpiece centrepiece.

tips on how to have a stylish party the emasphere

It’s all in the Details

Think about how you can make your party different.

Such things as mailing personalised invites to you guests, rather than sending them a Facebook invite; or surprising them with a cute gift you know they would like, instead of just choosing alcohol as the easy gift option; will be sure to give your party the ‘wow’ factor!

Yes, conversation, music, food and drink will keep your guests occupied throughout the soiree, but adding a fun feature wall for photos, or popping chic party poppers (or Christmas crackers) on the tables, will break up the night and provide laughs a plenty.

Keeping a bit of space for a late night dance floor is always a good idea, but remember, keep it elegant and choose good tunes only!

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So, there you have it, my Fashionista’s Guide to Hosting a Stylish Party. Pretty simple, huh?!

Now go and impress your friends and family with your incredibly stylish, and perfectly planned party.

If you haven’t thought about organising a party for the festive season just yet, what’s stopping you?! You have all the tips, just go and do it!

And PS. I want to be invited!

E. Xx

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Editors note: This was a Sponsored Post in collaboration with Feel Good Drinks as part of their #SpreadFeelGoodness campaign, however all words, opinions and creative directions are of my own.

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