The Brazilian Art Behind Havaianas’ New Collection

I was thrilled at the opportunity to travel to Lisbon recently with Havaianas and interview the talented Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator, Naia Ceschin, who has collaborated with the brand for their “Retratos Do Brasil” (“Portraits of Brazil”) range.

Naia is not only amazing at creating unique and one-of-a-kind designs and prints, she is a genuine and down to earth person, who feels incredibly honoured to be working with such an iconic Brazilian brand.



The Collaboration

2018 brings the second edition of The “Retratos Do Brasil” project, an exciting and innovative brain child of Havaianas, which showcases Brazilian culture to the rest of the world.

Havaianas Naia Ceschin collaborationBy enlisting Naia to create vibrant and statement-making flora and fauna prints for this special collection range, Havaianas are not only sharing the story of Brazil’s beautiful environment, but are also giving a local artist world-wide exposure. It is such a refreshing collaboration, and something different to ‘typical’ celebrity x brand partnerships. Havaianas believe Naia’s work needs to be shown to the world, and so do I.

Naia combined flora and fauna motifs with her recognisable mix of bright colours and quirky geometric shapes, to create spectacular and eye-catching artwork for the base of the flip flops.

The range includes a feminine slim style pair with pink, yellow and red floral motif, and a unisex style with a multi-coloured geometric pattern.


About Naia

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Naia is a relaxed, positive and creative spirit, who’s presence is super inspiring. The ashtanga yoga-lover, is a graphic designer and illustrator, who creates incredible prints, predominately for wall hangings and home decor items.

Havaianas Naia Ceschin collaboration

Naia’s Havaianas Retratos range comes as one of her first fashion collaborations, and it certainly won’t be her last. Her prints are so individual and fun, anyone would jump at the chance at wearing them.

Inspired by the things around her – whether it’s the colourful tiled buildings in Lisbon, diverse nature and environments, and of course, the vibrancy of her native country, Naia’s prints are born from her unique surroundings and promote self-discovery. She aims for her pieces to capture the imagination of the viewer, where they can come up with their own story when embracing her prints. 


What Havaianas Means to Brazil

Working with Havaianas is a dream come true for Naia. It is one of Brazil’s most iconic and well-loved brands, both in Brazil and across the world.

As Naia mentions in our interview, Brazilians are extremely proud of Havaianas, especially with how the brand has grown and developed into a household name – starting from a small collection of original flip flops, to now having a variety of products from sandals, flatformsespadrilles, exclusive collection ranges, such as flip flops with Swarovski crystals, and a collection of accessories, including beach bags.

The brand reminds Naia of fun times and travelling, and believes the flip flops are incredibly comfortable to wear, not only at the beach, but also while exploring cities, or simply throughout your everyday life, from working to running to the shops.


How to Style Havaianas Retratos

As Naia explains, you can style her Havaianas Retratos collection with anything and everything, and despite the prints being quite the statement, I totally agree. From casual to dressy looks, to work or holiday outfits, they will suit any kind of occasion.

Let me show you how.


Havaianas Naia Ceschin collaboration



For a casual summer look, style the flip flops with an oversized shirt, tucked into cropped wide leg jeans. Take colour inspiration from Naia’s prints and pair with yellow earrings and a yellow bag. Hello comfy, casual, chic.


Outfit collage for Havaianas, with jeans, shirt, earrings and havaianas, Havaianas Naia Ceschin collaboration



Think you can’t wear Havaianas for a dressy occasion? Let me prove you wrong, with this divine floral-centric outfit. Get your colour on, and mix and match prints for a lively and quirky look. Add a touch glam with a gold bag, hoop earrings and a cocktail ring.


Outfit collage for Havaianas with Dress, ring, earrings, bag and havaianas, Havaianas Naia Ceschin collaboration



There’s nothing better than getting your feet out and having the ability to wear your Havaianas to work over summer. Let Naia’s prints do all the talking, and style your pair with a minimalistic outfit, playing with neutral colours, such as beige, white and tan. By popping on black accessories, a-la the black bauble earrings seen below, you’re seamlessly connecting the black from the Havaianas.


Outfit collage for Havaianas with shirt, skirt, earrings, bags and havaianas, Havaianas Naia Ceschin collaboration



Havaianas reminds both Naia and myself of holiday time and fun in the sun! Team your Havaianas Retratos with an easy-to-throw-on dress, a basket bag, quirky sunglasses, and add extra wow-factor with ornate earrings (how well do the earrings match the print of the flip flops?!).


Holiday outfit collage with Dress, bag, earrings, sunglasses and Havaianas, Havaianas Naia Ceschin collaboration


Shop The Outfits




Shop Naia’s Havaianas Retratos collection, here, or find out more about Naia, here.



This trip was made possible thanks to Havaianas.


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