How to be a Little More French

You all know how much I love France. Honestly, if I had the opportunity to move to Paris right now, I would drop everything in a heartbeat.

There’s just something about the French culture that resonates with me. Yes, of course their amazing food and wine is a huge attraction, their style is so effortlessly cool, and their language is one of the most beautiful in the world, but what appeals to me the most, is simply just the French way of life.

Since coming back from our Parisian trip last month, and feeling depressed to be home knowing my dream to move to Paris is at least a few years off, I thought I’d do something productive about it.

If I can’t go to Paris, why not bring it to me.

So, I’ve decided to inject a bit of French life into my life here in the UK.

From food, to fashion, to beauty, and lifestyle, here is my five step guide on how to be a little more French.

1. Pass the Pastries

Is there anything more obviously French than pastries?! Croissants, pain au chocolate, pain au lait, the list goes on. Brioche Pasquier is my go-to for French pastries. They are delicious and taste exactly as if you’ve picked them up from a patisserie in France. My new tradition is to have a French styled breakfast every weekend, and Brioche Pasquier makes that so easy to do with their vast range of YUM brioche products. For a savoury touch, why not add a bit of cheese to your breakfast. It goes amazingly with the croissants or the brioche bread, and a little strawberry jam.

My tip: Stock up on the pain au chocolate and the croissants, they’re two of my faves! Actually, stock up on all the pastries, they’re all mouthwateringly good!!!

2. Styling is Simple

The French are known for their impeccable sense of style in every aspect of their lives, but especially when it comes to how they dress. They don’t like to over-complicate style, rather choosing classic simplicity x effortlessly chic instead. They love to be comfortable with what they’re wearing; they never wear too many colours – black, white, grey, beige, navy are their go-to’s; and they only love to add bright pop with a feature, normally a red lip or patterned scarf will do. Fashion faux pas are hard to come by in France, and it’s easy to see why.

My tip: Why not try a natural colour palette for your wardrobe, it makes mixing and matching so much easier!


3. Embrace your Uniqueness

One thing I truly love about the French culture is that they find strength in their imperfections. They are all for the anti-perfectionist, and they completely embrace uniqueness. French women only use makeup to enhance their natural beauty and highlight their features. They don’t use it to cover things up, and contouring is a big no-no. Fashion-wise, the French believe you should only dress for yourself and no one else. Dress to make yourself feel good, rather than to show off or to try and be sexy. The sexiness comes with how you hold yourself. You are what makes you perfect.

My tips: Less is more, be yourself and be confident in YOU. Quirky is sexy, believe me.


4. Cheese & Wine, ain’t a crime

The French love to enjoy themselves, and cheese and wine are a big part of their lifestyle. Keeping in mind that everything should be in moderation, why not do as the French do and treat yourself to a glass of good red wine every night. Of course, learning how to create a fabulous cheese board won’t do you any harm either, and it’s certainly the perfect accompaniment to your delicious wine. A weekly cheese board is my weekend ritual, a ritual of which I really think you should adopt too.

My tip: The best cheese boards have a mix of cheeses. I love all French cheese, however Brie, Camembert, Comté and Bleu are definitely a few of my ultimate favourites.

5. C’est la vie!

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the French have a wonderful way of living. From having every meal as an occasion and sitting down to eat, to not trying to be too perfect, to not wasting time worrying about things. The French take life as it comes and celebrate each moment, and I love that.

My tip: Be happy, enjoy the little things in life, and relaxxxx. Oh and eat the Brioche Pasquier pastries, that big slice of cake or all of that cheese, you know you want to! Just remember everything in moderation.

So, are you ready to adopt more of a French way of living? I really think it’s a fabulous lifestyle.

If you need a little more inspiration, here are some more photos to show you how I spent my weekend. Yep, the Brioche Pasquier pastries were out, along with the cheese and wine, a bit of French fashion styling (note the pop of red from the skirt), and of course a spot of relaxing at a local cafe. Just to really get you into the Frenchy mood, I’ve popped in a couple of pictures from Paris too!

Oh la la!

E. Xx

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Editors note: This was a Sponsored Post in collaboration with Brioche Pasquier, as part of their #shareamoment campaign, however all words, opinions and creative directions are of my own.

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  • I love everything French. The food, the fashion, the wine <3 You look great here. Love your outfit:)

  • You look absolutely stunning, Emma. I love this outfit and I definitely share your love of French pastries. However, as an ex-Londoner who has been living in France for over 20 years, I also crave an English cream tea from time to time and good old pub food!
    But, the cheese, wine and pastries are good too!
    Julia x