My Five Everyday Feel-Good Rituals

I have always been a really health conscious person.

I love reading articles about how to become a healthier you, whether that’s in diet, fitness or mind, and I’m always trying to share that advice to my family, boyfriend and friends. They think I should do a health section on my blog so I can talk about everything I’ve read about and experienced, but I think that’s definitely for another time.

As I mention later in this article, I have lived with chronic neck and back pain for several years now. No one apart from those close to me would be able to tell I deal with this pain, as I really don’t like making a big deal about it and like to just get on with my life.

Emma Spencer in Melbourne, Victoria, wearing Australian Fashion Label, Elliatt. Five health and beauty rituals you should do everyday - yoga, rescue remedy, dry body brushing

After years of nearly every treatment under the sun, I decided to take my pain management into my own hands. There’s no cure for chronic pain, and many people don’t believe it even exists, so that’s why I’m always a little conscious about talking about it.

But guys, I can tell you chronic pain is real and it does exist. It not only effects your body, it effects your mind too. So, with a lifestyle change, including working for myself – setting my own hours where I can have a rest day or rest afternoon if needed; a food change – I have looked at what foods create inflammation and have cut back on consuming them; and a fitness change, as I mention below I am a yoga-fanatic, – I have really helped better deal with the pain I experience.

Healthy Quinoa and Kale Salad - inflammatory foods, Melbourne Cafes

So like everyone, I have my daily health/beauty rituals. These are the things I do nearly everyday to make me feel good on the inside and out, and keep my brain active and my body beautiful. Some of the rituals directly help the pain I experience, and others just make me feel fabulous. You don’t need to suffer from pain yourself to get on board with these rituals, you can totally get on board with them just because!

E. Xx

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Yoga has become a massive part of my life. I am obsessed and a major yogi-convert! I practice at least once everyday. Normally I jump onto my mat as soon as I wake up and have had a glass of water. Sometimes if I’m having a stressful day or I feel like my brain isn’t working I jump back on the mat and do another session.

Yoga not only relaxes me, it allows me to leave behind what’s going on in my life. For that moment in time I just focus on the practise (and as yogi’s say, the breath). Of course, yoga not only has incredible mental and chilling-out benefits, it’s also a fantastic way to exercise. I swear on yoga for keeping me toned, strong, flexible and helping my posture – it really does the works! No one can actually believe how strong I actually am, and it’s all down to yoga.

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Yoga has this amazing quality about it where you instantly become more peaceful and calm. I used to get really frustrated about the smallest things, for example something silly like people walking really slow in front of me. But now nothing seems to faze me as much.

I not only feel physically strong, I feel mentally strong too. In the past I used to suffer from debilitating anxiety. Anyone who’s suffered from anxiety, I’m sure can relate – it can get so bad, it’s crippling and can take over your life. I praise yoga for helping me deal with my anxiety, so much so, I barely suffer from it anymore.

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Yoga also helps me with my chronic pain, which started after being in two accidents many moons ago. When I’m feeling really in pain, I try to jump on my mat and do some simple yoga stretches, which really helps to alleviate the discomfort.

It can be really expensive to regularly go to yoga classes, so I simply just watch classes on YouTube, particularly Yoga with Adriene, she’s INCREDIBLE. If you’re not into yoga yet, I highly recommend you get into it, you won’t regret it, believe me!

Rescue Remedy Plus - Five health and beauty rituals you should do everyday - yoga, rescue remedy, dry body brushing

Lemon & Water

This is a bit of a random ritual, I know! But I’ve been drinking warm water with fresh lemon juice every morning for years. My mornings now don’t feel right without it. I sip on it after my yoga about an hour before I eat breakfast (depending on how busy my morning is). Lemon and water in the morning not only kicks starts your metabolism and helps to boost your immune system, it’s also a refreshing, reviving and cleansing way to start your day.

Drinking lemon and warm water at Melbourne Marriott hotel - Feel good rituals

Dry Body Brushing

Dry body brushing is another daily ritual of mine. I know it’s a bit of a weird ritual, but I have really noticed the benefits since starting. I brush all over my body in circular motions, just before I have a shower. I find it’s fantastic for exfoliation, toning the skin and diminishing cellulite. Dry body brushing is also meant to be fabulous for circulation, lymphatic drainage and for detoxifying the body, so it’s a pretty powerful thing to do!

Emma Spencer at Melbourne Marriott Hotel

Cold Showers

Okay, so don’t freak out, I’m not talking about doing anything crazy, like an ice bath! At the end of my lovely warm shower, I always turn the tap to cold for around two minutes. Why, you ask? It’s amazing! It cools you down (obvs) so you feel nice and refreshed after your shower, and, just like the dry body brushing, it’s meant to be amazing for circulation and detoxifying the body. It’s also great to do for muscle recovery, especially if you’ve been exercising a lot, and great for hair growth – hello to luscious locks!

Emma Spencer at Melbourne Marriott hotel in Melbourne

My New Ritual

Recently I’ve been testing out Rescue Remedy’s newly launched range of Rescue Plus Dropper and Sprays, and they are now my latest obsession. I’ve been wondering where these products have been all my life and why I haven’t tried them before?!

With a combination of their original flower essences, the new Rescue Plus products also contain B5 and Vitamin B12, which help to support normal mental performance. Meaning these products actually help you banish brain fog and get your thinking mind into gear!

Rescue Remedy Plus - Five health and beauty rituals you should do everyday - yoga, rescue remedy, dry body brushing

Brain fog is something a lot of us experience. It is the worst feeling when you have so much work to get through or so many things on your mind, and you can’t get your brain to switch on and work. When my chronic pain is flaring up, I get the worst brain fog. Sometimes I literally can’t do anything for the rest of the day, except rest, go for a walk, or do something mind-numbing (looking for holidays or scrolling through Zara, are normally my go-to’s). So being introduced to the Rescue Plus Dropper and Sprays, is so exciting for me.

Since I’ve been back in the UK, jet lag had really mucked me around. I’ve been experiencing crazy amounts of tiredness and, yes you guessed it, brain fog. The Rescue Plus have been amazing to use, especially as I pretty much went straight back into work as soon as I arrived home and needed to be alert and ready for action.

Emma Spencer wearing Next White Blazer, Next white loafer shoes, Pearl Earrings, Dorothy Perkins Blush Silk Top, Dorothy Perkins Blush Suit Pants

Rescue Plus Dropper and Sprays come in a small travel size so they are so handy to just carry around in your bag and use whenever you need. If you’re feeling anxious about flying, going into a work meeting, have an important interview, organising an event, about to do a presentation, or simply just need to take a breather, try these products. It will chilllll you out and allow you to focus on what you need to do. With three sprays on the tongue or four drops on the tongue in a drink of your choice, they’re so quick and easy to use too.

The dropper and spray come in a yum lemon and elderflower flavour (the perfect flavour combo, don’t you think?), which make you want to spray and drop them all the time. They are delish! Honestly, even if I’m feeling fine, I still love to use these products, they just taste so good! They’re also preservative, sugar and alcohol free, so you know you’re only putting goodness into your body.

If you’re feeling a bit fuzzy in the head, or you just need some help chilling out and relaxing, OR you love lemon and elderflower (who doesn’t?!), next time you’re in Boots, make sure you pick up some Rescue Plus and make it a part of your daily ritual!

Rescue Remedy Plus - Five health and beauty rituals you should do everyday - yoga, rescue remedy, dry body brushing

What are your daily rituals? Have you tried the Rescue Plus Dropper and Sprays? Xx

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Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post with RESCUE, however all creative direction, words and opinions are of my own.

Please note I’m not a medical professional, these are just my opinions and what I personally enjoy doing.

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