Five Essential Accessories for Festival Season

It’s time to get your boho and summer vibezzzzz on my babes, festival season is well and truly here!

I personally haven’t been to a festival in years, but I must say Glastonbury and Coachella are definitely on my must-experience list. I love flicking through the photos every year to see the festival style, and always want to follow in the ultra cool fashion footsteps of Alexa, Suki and Alessandra – they never step a foot wrong!

summer festival style

Speaking of fashion, if you’re one of the lucky ones gearing up for a summer festival, you’ll be in the midst of working out what to wear and what to bring. My tip – let your creative side run free and come up with a look that’ll make you standout, and keep you comfortable for a whole day of dancing and having fun.

To help make festival planning that little bit easier for you, I’ve collaborated with the super gorgeous accessories and homewares store Postcards Home, to bring you the five accessories you’ll need for outfit perfection.

If festivals aren’t your thing but you love the festival/boho vibe, then you’ll seriously love these accessories too, believe me!

E. Xx 

summer festival style
The multi-functional scarf

A scarf is such a handy item to bring to a festival. As I mentioned above, you want to be creative with your outfit, so of course you can wear a scarf as a scarf, but you can also get crazy and have some fun with it. Turn it into a headscarf, a shawl, a bandeau dress, a sarong, or go super on trend and wear it as a top, like me! I’m wearing the beautiful Mustard Embroidered Scarf by Postcards Home and love it!

The handy pouch

You want to keep everything in one place when you’re boogying down at the main stage, so a little pouch is what you need. I’m so obsessed with Postcard Home’s Black Poodle Pouch, isn’t it just the cutest?! This little pouch will be able fit your phone, purse, lippy and sunglasses, and you can simply use it as a clutch or pop it into a bigger bag.

The arm bangles

Embrace one of this season’s biggest trends and make bangles your jewellery of choice. Either stack a few bangles together to make them into a major statement, or go super boho and wear them half way up your arm, just like I did with the uber cool Brass Ribbon Bangle.

The must-have towel

You may wonder why a towel is an essential festival accessory. Well my babes, get ready to be blown away by the amazingness, and handiness of a Hammam towel! Also known as a Turkish towel, these babies absorb water like no other, they also dry quickly and are super light, making them fabulous for festivals. Still not convinced?! Bring along a Hammam towel to your festival and you not only have a great drying device, but you also have a picnic rug, blanket, shawl, and even a skirt, as you can see in my pic! I’m loving the Grey Hammam Towel from Postcards Home, and I bet you will too!

The quirky jewels

To polish off your fabulous festival outfit, you want a little twinkle of quirky jewellery! To get into the real love and peace festival hippy mood, I picked these divine Heart Earrings from Postcards Home. I thought they gave me the little touch of quirk and love I needed to complete the outfit. Hello festival fever!!!

Are you off to a festival this summer? What are your essential festival accessories? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This article was a collaboration with Postcards Home, however all thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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  • This outfit is to die for! Absolutely love the top thing (i’m no fashionista). Do you photograph these or does someone else?

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  • I am so so in! This is a fab look & you are just so creative with your looks, hon! The scarf is so gorgeous – such a versatile piece and would come in handy in so many ways! Stunner you <3
    Loved this look from your Insta so much, darling!
    xox Nadia

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  • Wow, this is such an interesting take on festival fashion! Love all the essentials you’ve mentioned. Thanks for sharing babe xx, sharon


  • Coachella is also on my must-visit list, it looks like SO much fun in every way! I love the unusual ways in which you’ve styled these scarves, particularly the asymmetrical top; so stylish!


  • You look GORGEOUS, Emma! I would’ve never guessed that you were wearing a scarf as a top, it looks amazing and practical, too! I love the sound of that Hammam towel, it’s so multifunctional, which is definitely a must for a festival! I’ve never been to one before, but like you, Coachella is definitely on my list! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week so far, beautiful!



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  • Great essentials for festivals. I feel like arm bangles are definitely key.

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  • Love how creative you’ve been with the accessories! I went to my first festival when I was about 10 and wore lots of neon, a khaki sunhat (very cool), union jack wellies and spiderweb print tights…x

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  • My friend had a giant multi-functional scarf at Coachella and it ended up being a lifesaver so many times. I ran right out and bought one as well and now take it to every outdoor festival and show I go to!

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