How to Streamline Your Beauty Regime While Travelling

We’ve been travelling like mad the last few months, and we’re not slowing down any time soon.

Tim and I have a goal to visit at least one new country or city each month in 2018, and we’re super excited to go, go, go, and make it our best and most fulfilling year yet.

With all this travelling, I’m starting to learn more about how to pack better and what beauty products are essential for me to take with me. I’m a self-confessed over packer, but when you only have limited luggage space and weight allowance you really have to streamline your products.

I’ve been taking note of what I actually use while I’m away and how I can actually make do with less.

This is what I’ve learnt.

E. Xx




Can’t live without your night cream or hair products? Find the travel size.

I did this with my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and Percy & Reed Shampoo & Conditioner, and it dramatically saved space and weight.


Don’t pack toothpaste, unless it’s the travel size.

This is a weird one I know, but recently we haven’t been taking toothpaste with us unless it’s in a travel size. If we haven’t packed it, we buy a travel size after we get through security at the airport. We would have finished the mini toothpaste by the end of our trip, so we just throw it away.


Hotels generally provide you with soap and a hair dryer.

Every hotel I’ve stayed in have provided body wash and soap, so you can totally leave these at home. They also tend to provide a hair dryer, but if they don’t fret, just towel dry your hair and let it dry naturally, or comb it back style it in a slick bun, or wear a hat!


Plan your makeup and hair looks before you pack.

As we always have many looks to shoot when we’re away, I try to work out what makeup look/s will best suit my outfits beforehand. This means I know what lipsticks and eyeshadows I need and don’t pack 100 shades, and whether I really need to take my curler or straightener, or can leave them at home.


Travelling with a partner? Share with them.

Tim and I will share my cleanser, face cream and body moisturiser, so we don’t need to take double the products.




Do you have any packing tips? What are your beauty essentials for travelling? Xx


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