The Clean Australian Skincare Brand You Need to Know

Dr Roebuck’s is the clean Australian skincare brand you need to know. I’ve been wanting to write about this brand ever since their beautiful products landed on my desk nearly two months ago. I was so excited to be introduced to them, because a). they’re Australian born and bred and have recently launched in the UK, and b). they have clean, no fuss, results-driven products.

I knew instantly, without even trying the products, I was going to fall in love with Dr Roebuck’s. Their minimalistic, yet luxe packaging reminds me of what you’d find at French pharmacies (if you don’t know, French pharmacies are where the majority of French women go to buy their skincare products, so they’re a must-visit when you’re in France). Dr Roebuck’s packaging isn’t over the top or fancy, which really connects with their clean, natural products. I loved the rawness and the authenticity of the packaging and formulas of the products. They screamed to me ‘I’m going to work!’, which made me even more excited to try them.

Before I go into my experience, here’s a little Dr Roebuck’s background.


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The low down:

Brand: Dr Roebuck’s

Category: Skin & body care brand

Origin: Australia

Available: Australia, UK, US & Canada

Style: 100 per cent clean, perfect for all skin types, including super sensitive skin, gluten free products, no animal testing, majority products are vegan

Price range: ££ / $$ (AUD)

What I’ve been trying: Anti-Aging Eye Regeneration Cream, Protect & Prevent Serum, 2 in 1 Facial Scrub & Mask Polish, Pure Hydration Cream

What I’m going to try: Pure Body Moisturiser, Reverse Anti-Aging Serum, Ultimate Hydrating Serum, Boost & Tighten Serum


clean Australian skincare brand, Dr. Roebuck's, clean beauty brands, clean skincare brands, anti-aging skincare, skincare for sensitive skin


Founded by twin sisters, Kim Devin and Zoe Kelly, Dr Roebuck’s is a multi-benefit skin and body care brand. Inspired by their parents who were both doctors, the sisters created a range of clean skincare products with quality, pure and active ingredients your skin actually needs. Their products have no fillers or synthetic chemicals in them, they’re cruelty free, tested on actual women, are gluten free and the majority are vegan.

They have a range of skin and body products, which suit all skin types (even if you have the most sensitive skin) and various skin worries – from creams, serums, scrubs, cleansers, to anti-aging, hydrating and skin-protecting products.

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Dr Roebuck’s. As I mentioned above, I knew the products were going to be good as soon as I received them, but when I started using them, I was blown out of the water.

Here are the products I’ve been testing.


clean Australian skincare brand, Dr. Roebuck's, clean beauty brands, clean skincare brands, anti-aging skincare, skincare for sensitive skin


2 in 1 Facial Scrub & Mask Polish

Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm this product is SO good! The 2 in 1 Facial Scrub & Mask Polish from Dr Roebucks was the first of their products I used, and it’s just beautiful. With a smell of peppermint, this deep cleansing, non-abrasive facial scrub and mask thoroughly cleans your skin. So much so, after you wash it off, you really feel like you have brand new skin on your face. It almost reminded me of the feeling I had when I tried the hydra facial. The polish contains natural jojoba beads to exfoliate, and Vitamin E to regenerate the skin, so it’s super refreshing and your skin feels so soft and fresh after using.

I use the scrub 2-3 times a week, before bed and after I’ve taken my makeup off.


Anti-Aging Eye Regeneration Cream

I know this is a big statement, but this is the best eye cream I’ve ever used. I’m honestly amazed with the results. My fine lines have minimised significantly, the skin around my eyes is lovely and plump, it lightens up my dark circles and it helps to decrease the bags the under my eyes. It’s a miracle product and I’ve been raving about it to everyone I know. It soaks into the skin straight away, leaving it lovely and soft, creating a seamless canvas for your makeup. If you’re looking for a good eye cream, I can’t recommend this product enough, you will absolutely love it!

Every morning and evening, after I’ve cleansed and toned my skin, I apply a little pea size amount of the product onto my fingers and tap underneath my eye and around my crows feet area.


Protect & Prevent Serum

I had stopped using a serum for a while, as I would break out each time I used one (I think the serums I was using were too strong for my skin), and because of this I was a little worried when I went to try the Dr Roebuck’s Protect & Prevent Serum. However, this serum has been an absolute treat. My pores have minimised, my skin looks and feels really healthy, my fine lines, particularly my forehead and frown line (which actually aren’t that fine…) have really decreased, it’s helped with my skin tone, and the acne scars on my cheeks are even starting to fade away. Thankfully I haven’t broken out once from using it – they’re right when they say these products are suitable for sensitive skin. The serum isn’t oily and it works its way into the skin rapidly.

I use the serum in the evening after I’ve cleansed and toned my skin. I apply it on my face, neck and chest. You wake up with plump, dewy (in a good way, not oily) and fresh skin.


Pure Hydration  Day & Night Cream

The Pure Hydration Cream from Dr Roebuck’s isn’t like your ‘regular’ creamy face cream. It’s a bit hard to explain, but the cream is in more of a thick gel form. Don’t let this put you off though – as soon as you start rubbing it into your skin in circular motions, it quickly absorbs, leaving your skin incredibly hydrated and absolutely glowing. This cream is perfect to use for any season as it’s ultra hydrating, which is great for the cooler months, and it’s super refreshing, making it fabulous for summer!

I use the cream on my face and neck both day and night, after applying the serum.


clean Australian skincare brand, Dr. Roebuck's, clean beauty brands, clean skincare brands, anti-aging skincare, skincare for sensitive skin


My skin has transformed since using Dr Roebuck’s – it’s fresh, radiant, hydrated and healthy, I’ve never seen my pores so small, my skin tone is much more even and my lines have minimised. My makeup is also looking the best it ever has, and it’s because I have an amazing canvas, thanks to these wonderful products!

E. Xx



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Have you used Dr Roebuck’s before? What are you favourite clean skincare brands? Xx


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