[eltdf_dropcaps type="normal" color="" background_color=""]W[/eltdf_dropcaps]elcome to a mesmerising hotel, where diverse patterns, textures, styles and colours combine to create a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing and luxurious place to sleep, eat and play. London's Haymarket Hotel needs to be at the top of your must-stay-at list. The hotel pushes the boundaries, not only with its fabulously quirky décor, but with its exceptionally friendly and

Amsterdam is a foodie's paradise. It's particularly known for their fries, cheese and sweet treats such as waffles, stroopwafels and poffertjes (mini pancakes), but they also have an incredible selection of restaurants, cafes and wine and cocktail bars to enjoy. Here are 11 stylish Amsterdam restaurants and bars.

I was thrilled at the opportunity to travel to Lisbon recently with Havaianas and interview the talented Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator, Naia Ceschin, who has collaborated with the brand for their “Retratos Do Brasil” (“Portraits of Brazil”) range.

[eltdf_dropcaps type="normal" color="" background_color=""]S[/eltdf_dropcaps]ince I've been living in the UK, I feel like I've been an amazing ambassador to my home city, Melbourne - I'm always telling people to go there! I was raised in Melbourne and I do have a real love and passion for the vibrant and stylish Australian city. I'm often asked, 'why on earth did you move

Find out how to do an everyday glowy and glam make up look with gold Tom Ford eyes. This is my daily make up routine, and to try something a little different, I've decided to film it! This way you can easily see what products I'm loving right now and find out how to use them!