Eight Summer Style Essentials for Travel

Well it’s officially Autumn in Australia (insert unimpressed face), I’m up before the sun & there’s a distinct chill in the air… the chill that just so happens to appear in-frame every year immediately before my birthday. But! this year I’m excited!

I’m excited because I’m planning a European summer holiday, and that means thinking long & hard about my essential fashion items for travel. Of course I also have to think about booking accommodation and flights… minor details!

Back to suitcase planning and I’ve come up with a shortlist of items that I’ve decided are not only clever travel items but also perfect summer style pieces.

The Knotty Towel

The number one summer essential I’ll be carrying OS is a Knotty. Lightweight, absorbent, quick dry & available in SO MANY COLOURS, it’ll be hard to choose a winner but I can’t go past a cute nautical. These 100% Turkish cotton towels are a versatile addition to the suitcase; for hours spent whittling away time by the resort pool, worn as a sarong or wrapped as a dress, packed neatly in a bag for day tripping, and inexpensive at $39AU.

8 Summer Style Essentials For Travel

The Neoprene Carryall

Aptly named The Escape Bag, this versatile neoprene carryall by State of Escape is durable yet soft, lightweight & collapsible. It’s the ultimate utility with clever features including side clips for limiting/extending its capacity & a removable internal pouch for valuables. It’s a beach bag and a statement addition to any suitcase.

The Neoprene Carryall

The Scarf

Not just desired but necessary is the silk scarf; for fashion & function. I learned during a Summer heat wave in Italy exactly 10 years ago (as a naive & unaccustomed traveller, doing a very rushed budget trip with a friend during mid-session uni break) that while getting around in short-shorts & singlets is most comfortable in 40+ degree heat, it’s not always acceptable attire for sightseeing, especially churches. This is actually quite a hilarious story in hindsight but we shuffled through these beautiful cathedrals by the sound of crinkling paper… that being the paper we were asked to wrap around our bare legs & shoulders. I’ve never felt more embarrassed in my life, but when was I going to return to Italy?? In 10 years, it seems, and I won’t be making the same mistake twice… a strategically wrapped scarf can prevent a lot of unnecessary cringe moments!

There’s also really only so much you can pack in one suitcase and if you’re planning on hopping 5 countries in 6 weeks it pays to pack light. A few lightweight cotton or silk scarves are an essential style accessory to add a touch of chic to any outfit, and as the sun sets on a long day they’ll keep the sun-kissed shoulders warm too.  This scarf from Witchery will be perfect!

Witchery scarf

Neck Tie

I’m also LOVING neckties right now. It’s amazing how such a simple addition can change the whole look of an outfit, not to mention they cross over as headscarfs, belts, and take up literally no space. I’m loving this neck tie from Sportsgirl!


The Sunglasses Chain

I lose my glasses everywhere, all.the.time. Luckily I always find them down the side of the lounge or in my rabbit hole of a handbag. Holidays are a different story, once they’re gone – they’re gone! Enter the chain… I’ve found a couple of brands online (Alma & Sintillia) and never has a sunnies chain looked so glam. One of these will definitely be an essential for all of my day tripping adventures! Available in black, silver & chic copper (my pick!).

Sunglasses chain

The Jegging

I recently attended a CottonOn event for the launch of their new 91 Denim range and was blown away with their Jeggings; 15+ colours & washes at $29.95 each. Packing is like playing Tetris, it’s all about clever placement and the Jegging is a strategic fashion move. With less bulk than a skinny leg jean, but more substance than legging it’s the ultimate travel companion. AND, the trend that I’m really excited about right now is #sportsluxe. While jeggings are so on point for this street-style trend, they’re also a perfect option for comfort during days spent exploring streets and jumping trains, planes and scooters!

CottonOn Jegging

The Sneaker

As with the Jegging, this suitcase essential is also a fashion staple & absolutely key to the #sportsluxe trend. Although I rarely run I’m always active, and don’t intend to sloth my way through Europe, so the simple white sneaker is the perfect day shoe; from yachting in Croatia, to island exploration in Greece and scootering around Southern Italy. I have my eye on these Adidas Superstar sneakers!



The Hat

Obsessed.with.hats! Hats are my favourite summer accessory to be honest, and coming from one very pale blogger it’s also crucial to protect my white-ass skin from potentially vacay-ruining burn. You know what’s also great about a hat!? You can throw one on after catching the red-eye or any long, hot, salty day at the beach… when you’re in-between long hot showers & freshly shampooed hair. Not unlike a scarf, it also adds a little somthin’ to an otherwise ordinary outfit. I’ll travel with a simple black/dark cap which will go with anything (and hide the dirt and sun cream), and a mid-brim fedora like this one from Ace of Something.


So there it is, my 8 Essential Fashion items for a Summer of travel! Of course the bulk of my suitcase will inevitably include instances of denim, basic striped tees & white shirts. Fashion for travel is all about variations on a theme for me, simple styles which can be mixed and matched without much effort or forethought and dressed-up/dressed-down with accents & accessories.

I’m excited about ticking some destinations off my bucket list in 2016 and while I love fashion, this trip will be about a well-earned rest and a bit of exploration. I hope to share my style tips incorporating this list of essentials but even more I look forward to spending time with my Mr, and sending back snapshots of adventure, seasides and swimwear!

I suppose I should look at flights now… ha!

N x

Editors note: This article was written by Nicky from the blog, Calmly Kaotic.

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