5 Destinations I’m Planning on Travelling to in 2018

As I’ve mentioned in a few of my latest travel articles, a big goal for Tim and I this year is to travel to at least one new country/city every month.



As we try to work out where we’d like to visit, we’re finding it really hard to plan. Our want-to-travel-to list is honestly a mile long, we want to go everywhere and anywhere, experiencing new cultures, eating fabulous food and wine, and creating amazing content.



We’ve already have the French Alps ticked off for January, and have Amsterdam booked for March, so at least that’s two months down, but now to figure out where to spend the remaining ten.



There are a few places which I keep dreaming about, so I thought I’d list them down in the hope we tick them off this year. If you’ve been to any of these places and recommend we go, do let me know, or if you have a suggestion on where we should head to this year, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Greek Islands

The beautiful sun-drenched islands of Greece is somewhere we’ve dreamed of exploring and enjoying for a long time. Not only do I become weak at the knees by looking at the crisp white and blue houses and imagine the pictures we could take there, I would also love to embrace the delicious fresh food.



I keep seeing pictures of Sicily and it just looks stunning! The biggest Mediterranean Island is packed with culture, historic towns and picturesque coasts. I can imagine having a cute little seaside break here.


New York

Oh my gosh, New York would be the dream! Many people have said it’s so my city, and I can totally imagine it would be. The chic fashion, the sleek cocktail bars, and hello, broadway. My dream of becoming an actress could so come true here. Next Carrie Bradshaw maybe?!



I have to do little explanation about why we would like to go to the Maldives. A week of white sand and crystal blue waters, it would be pure bliss. Staying in one of those huts on the sea would be incredible.


Loire Valley, France

Continuing on my wine exploration journey, I would love to learn more about French wine, thus travelling to France’s famous wine region, Loire Valley, would be perfectly fitting. Soaking up the stunning countryside, visiting the glorious chateaus, and eating every French cheese possible, would be also be the dream.


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