48 Hours in Krakow

Straight out of a fairy tale, Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities you’ll visit in Europe. The Polish city is home to incredible medieval buildings, fantastic restaurants and uber cool bars, and super lovely people.

If you’re looking for a historical city break, which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, Krakow should definitely be one for you to consider.




How To Get Around


From the airport – The most affordable way to get into the city from the airport is by bus. It takes about 30-40 minutes to get to the central train station and costs 4zl / £1. Alternatively, you can catch a taxi straight to your destination.

Around the city  Unless you’re planning on making trips outside of the city, e.g. Auschwitz, the main attractions of Krakow can be seen by foot. However, if you have limited time you can also pop on a tram or bus, tickets can be purchased at either a news booth or on the bus itself.




Where to Stay


AirBnb is a great and very cheap way to experience Krakow. Depending on where you stay, it is possible to find a place to rent for approximately £20 a night.

If hotels are more your thing, here are some options:

Art Garden Residence A hip, industrial designed hotel, perfect for an affordable, yet stylish, stay in Krakow.

Sheraton Grand Krakow If it’s a luxurious stay in Krakow you’d like, this is the spot for you. Located just next door to Wawel Castle, the Sheraton is an elegant place to stay in the heart of Krakow. Read the review of Sheraton Grand Krakow, here




Where to Eat & Drink


Main Square Restaurants & Cafes

Boscaiola Italian restaurant with a gorgeously arty deco

KrowarzywaFor vegan burgers

Restauranja Pino A modern restaurant with a mix of cuisines

Pod Norenami A vegan and vegetarian restaurant

Szambelan A traditional, must-go-to vodka shop, where you can taste any kind of flavour vodka you can dream of, for very, very cheap.

Camelot A cute little spot with a classic and cosy interior to head to for a drink or bite to eat.

Boccanera Italian restaurant with a modern interior in the heart of the old town.

Kazimierz Jewish District Restaurants & Cafes

Marchewka Z Groszkiem A traditional polish restaurant.

Cyklop A delicious Italian restaurant with incredibly affordable prices.

Nova Krova Vegan and vegetarian restaurant

Alchemia A small and super cute bar, perfect to hide away in for an afternoon drink or a nightcap




What To Do & Where To Go


Walk around the old town Simply walking around Krakow’s old town is a wonderful thing to do. The architecture is so beautiful, it’s almost like the town has been frozen in time. There are so many little side streets to walk down and get lost in. It’s a marvellous city, which holds so much history and culture. If you’d like to have a guide while you walk around the town, Crakow Free Tours is a fabulous place to start.

Price: Free, or  45 PLN per person for a 3.5 hour tour with a guide – it’s recommended to book a few days in advance.

St Mary’s Basilica – A gothic church in the main square and one of the most famous sites in Krakow.

Price: 10 PLN. If you visit from April – October you can climb the tower for an additional 15 PLN.

Wawel Castle – A stunning Renaissance palace dating back to the 16th century, the castle is a must to visit to understand Poland’s history. The castle is now a museum, which includes Crown Treasury and Armoury, State Rooms and Royal Private Apartments, to name a few. The castle has beautiful views of the Vistula River and the Old Town.

Price: Depends on what areas you visit, but starts from 10 PLN per adult.

Cracow Historical Museum An underground museum in the centre of Krakow’s Old Town. Definitely worth a visit to find out more about the medieval history of Krakow and the main square.

Price: Free

Kazimierz – Kazimierz, otherwise known as the Jewish Quarter is a must-visit area for a bit of history and to find quirky bars and local restaurants. The quarter has a different feel to it than the old town main square, but it’s worth the visit. You can easily spend a day exploring the streets, synagogues, memorials and eating and drinking spots.

What to do in Kazimierz:

Ghetto Heroes Square, a Holocaust memorial

Schindler’s Factory

Take a walk around the Vistula river

Visit the Alchemia Bar




Words & Phrases to Learn


Saying: Good morning / good afternoon

In Polish: Dzień dobry

Pronounce it as: jane DOH-brih


Saying: Good night

In Polish: Dobranoc

Pronounce it as: doh-BRAH-knots


Saying: Please

In Polish: Proszę

Pronounce it as: PROH-sheh


Saying: Thank you

In Polish: Dziękuję

Pronounce it as: jen-KOO-yeh


Saying: Yes

In Polish: Tak

Pronounce it as: tahk


Saying: No

In Polish: Nie

Pronounce it as: nyeh

Saying: Cheers

In Polish: Na zdrowie!

Pronounce it as: nah ZDROH-vyeh




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