Three Ways to Beautify Yourself Before a Holiday

Holidays are great for our mind, body and soul.

We all need a good break every now and then, when we just switch off (our brains and our phones) and veg out.

God knows I’m in need of one of these holidays. Although I’m off to Lisbon next week, and I’m really looking forward to exploring a new city, eating bucket loads of their famous custard tarts, and trying, tasting and testing Portugal’s wine, I kind of just wish I was going to a tropical island with white beaches, clear water, palm trees, and no WIFI.

Although, to be fair I’m sure Lisbon’s 20 degree weather will do just the trick to relax me. It will certainly be a welcome change to the UK’s quickly arriving winter.

If you’re anything like me, when you go on a holiday, you still want to look your best. Yes, even if you’re planning to be wearing a swimsuit the whole time, have salty sea hair and not wear a slick of make up.

Prepping your body for your holiday time, normally always includes one if not all of the following – waxing, tanning, a manicure and a pedicure.

Recently however, I’ve come across a few other yummy treatments, which are all perfect before-holiday treats. They help you both look and feel good while you’re on holiday, and after you return.

I dare you to try them, I know you’ll be obsessed.

E. Xx

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What: An incredible incredible results-driven facial, which uses non-invasive skin resurfacing technology to restore skin, making it youthful, radiant and healthy.

Features: A six-step process, which uses advanced vortex technology to add nutrients and antioxidants to the skin. The facial also uses a vacuum-based tip, which removes skin impurities, increasing the hydration of the skin.

Benefits: Detoxifies skin, removes dead skin cells, extracts debris and provides hydration to protect and rebuild collagen levels.

Why you need this treatment: With a list of benefits through the roof, this facial is the best facial I’ve ever tried. It thoroughly cleanses, rejuvenates, plumps, hydrates and detoxes the skin, leaving it incredibly flawless, and making you confident to not wear any make up while you’re on holiday.

Even if you do put on make up, the facial turns your skin into a perfect canvas, ready for any product you pop on top of it. It’s really hard to describe, but after the facial my skin was so light, soft and fresh. It had really removed all the gunk that was on my face (they actually showed me what came off my face too, yep I know that’s gross, but you really don’t realise how dirty your face is until you’ve tried this facial!).

Results last up to six weeks too. They recommend for you to have six treatments, one every six weeks, however they’re great for just a one-off cleanse too.

Where to find this treatment: Beyond MediSpa, Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar

Sea Salt Scrub

What: A skin softening body exfoliation, which combines sea salts with essential oils.

Features: The scrub is mixed with the essential oil of your choice, and is rubbed onto the skin in circular motions. You can choose to have a full or half body treatment, but I’d recommend to get a full body to reap all the benefits. After the scrub you will head to the shower to wash off the salt. The scrub can be amazing as a standalone treatment, or is great combined with another treatment as it thoroughly cleanses and prepares the skin.

Benefits: Exfoliates, smooths and hydrates the skin, leaving it supple and radiant and ready for further treatments, such as a spray tan or massage. The scrub can also help with circulation and with cellulite – hello dream treatment!

Why you need this treatment: This treatment not only relaxes and refreshes you, which gets you straight into the holiday mode, it’s perfect to prepare your skin for your before-holiday spray tan and for any products you apply on your skin while you’re away. It also helps with any ingrown hairs from your wax, and hydrates the skin, leaving it nice, soft and clean. My skin felt really plump and firm after the scrub too.

The ESPA Spa was such a lovely experience, I really love their holistic approach to their products, which are divine by the way.

Where to find this treatment: ESPA Spa, Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar

Vitamin Drip

What: A vitamin IV infusion, which helps various wellness needs, including hydration, illness and jetlag recovery, hangover relief, and restoring vitamin and nutrient levels, to name a few.

Features: Depending on what you’re looking to have help with, whether it’s overall wellness, a beauty boost, recovery from an illness, they have a treatment for you. The IV drip is administered by a fully qualified nurse or doctor, and after you’re all hooked up, you will sit in the lounge for around 40 minutes while you body soaks up the vitamin infusion, under the careful watch of the medical professional.

Benefits: The benefits are endless! You’ll have a major increase in hydration; feel and be super healthy, as you’ve had a huge boost in vitamins, minerals and nutrients; have help recovering from your hangover, illness, jetlag; and your skin will glow. It’s literally such an amazing treatment.

Why you need this treatment: I was a little apprehensive about having this treatment beforehand. I mean an IV drip is pretty scary! BUT, I’m so glad I went ahead with it. I had a Megaboost treatment before my long-haul trip to Australia, and it not only helped me to stay awake and fresh throughout the flight, I also didn’t experience any jet lag, and I felt fresh and full of energy the whole two months I was away.

As there were many homecoming celebrations to attend, lots of drinking was done, but surprisingly I didn’t get a hangover once. I can’t recommend this treatment enough, especially before you go on holiday!

Where to find this treatment: REVIV, Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar

What beauty rituals do you do before you go on holiday? Xx

Photography: Veronica Lelek Photography

Editor’s note: Thanks to Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool for inviting me to try these wonderful treatments.

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