12 Stylish Items For Your Spring Travels

I feel like my feet haven’t left the ground over the last month. From travelling for the first time to India, to celebrating fashion week in London, I’ve been living out of a rotating suitcase. Both a fun and majorly stressful task!

As you can imagine what I took to India, differed enormously to what I packed for fashion week.

My India suitcase consisted of light clothing, long sleeves and comfy shoes. While for London, I literally packed twelve pairs of shoes, five jackets/coats, four bags, and various other fashion week-worthy pieces – I had fun lugging all of it on the tube, let me tell you.

spring travel packing list the emasphere

Travelling is so much fun, but packing can be a nightmare, especially if you’re a fashionista and/or blogger.

Despite the packing dilemmas I have, I do find there are certain essential items I end up popping in my suitcase no matter where I’m going.

From first ensuring I have a sturdy suitcase, then staying organised with a travel pouch (my travel shopping tip – check out Radley’s fabulous range!), finally popping in a scarf to keep me warm and some super cool shades to hide my tired eyes. Once you have your must-haves sorted, you’ll find the rest of the packing experience a breeze…hopefully!

Spring is on it’s way and you’re probably planning to jet off to a sunny spot for a much needed holiday. Hands up who’s so over winter?! Meee!!!

To get you organised, I’ve put together a list of stylish and essential must-have pieces you should definitely be taking away with you.

E. Xx

spring travel packing list the emasphere

1. Statement Scarf: A scarf is such a handy thing to take away with you. It’s an easy item to throw-on to protect yourself from the sunshine rays, or if you’re getting a little chilly. They’re even fabulous to pop in your bag if you’re spending the day sightseeing and need to cover up at churches/temples etc. A scarf can also provide a statement or pop of colour to an otherwise understated travel outfit.

E’s stylish pick: Gucci Printed Scarf

2. Chic Shades: Sunglasses are always a must for travelling. Even if you’re off to a not so sunny destination, a fashionable pair will instantly chic-up your outfit, and if oversized, are perfect for hiding panda eyes.

E’s stylish pick: Stella McCartney Cat-Eye Sunglasses

3. White Shirt: A crisp white shirt is the perfect travel companion. Throw it on top of your swimsuit when you’re off to the beach, style it with jeans and sneakers during the day, or cinch it in at the waist with a belt and pop on some heels for night time. You know I love versatile pieces, and a white shirt is certainly is one.

E’s stylish pick: Topshop Giant Cuff Shirt

4. Jewellery: I know it’s a bit of a random essential, but I always pack at least one jewellery piece to add some glam to my travel outfits, my favourite being mod earrings. My tip – make sure the jewellery isn’t too statement heavy, so you can wear it with everything!

E’s stylish pick: Eshvi Circle Earrings

5. Eye Mask: Fab for long plane trips, an eye mask will block out any light, which will help you to sleep anywhere, at anytime! Try a stylish silky one, so it feels lovely and calming on your face while you rest.

E’s stylish pick: Morpho + Luna Sandwashed-Silk Eye Mask

6. Phone Case: A good quality phone case is a must for travelling. Think about how much you’ll be using your phone while you’re away. Even if you don’t have access to WIFI, you’ll most likely be using it to take photos, or for finding your way with offline map apps, so make sure you protect it with a cute case. You’d hate to break it and lose all your photos, or worse yet, get lost in the desert!

E’s stylish pick: Gucci Printed Iphone Case

7. Roll-On Perfume: Save space and suitcase weight by bringing a roll-on perfume with you, instead of your big glass perfume bottle. They’re fantastic to pop in your handbag too, and great for when you need a good-smell top-up while you’re out on your day’s adventures.

E’s stylish pick: Diptyque Eau Rose Eau De Toilette Roll-On

8. Jeans: Perfect to wear anytime of the day, and for pretty much any occasion, jeans are always an ultimate travel essential. Recently, I’ve been into slim baggy-ish jeans or mom jeans, as they allow for a little more room to move, and are comfy to wear when you’re travelling place to place.

E’s stylish pick: Topshop Slim Jeans

9. Unique Bikini: Stylish and practical swimwear are the way to go. Choose a statement bikini or one-piece, which could also potentially be worn as clothing – cue cute crop top with your high waisted mom jeans, or sexy one-piece styled with your flowy maxi skirt!

E’s stylish pick: Stella McCartney One-Shoulder Bikini

10. Sturdy Suitcase: Of course, the suitcase is your most important travel item. If you didn’t have one, what on earth would you carry all your shoes in, darling?! Investing in a good suitcase is the one of the best travel tips I can give you. It won’t fall apart, no matter how often you travel, so you’ll end up having it for years. I like suitcases that are lightweight and are made of a solid material, rather than the fabric kind. I find they’re much more resistant, and are easy to lug around!

E’s stylish pick: Radley Vintage Dog Dot Medium Wheel Trolley Case

11. Comfy Sneakers: One of the things I love about travelling is the amount of walking you do while sightseeing. It’s for this reason I always bring a comfy pair of sneakers so I can walk, walk, walk all day long and catch up on my fitness regime!

E’s stylish pick: Saint Laurent Classic Sneakers

12. Travel Pouch: Another V necessary accessory to bring with you! I throw all my important travel docs into my travel pouch, including passport and boarding pass. If you get a super cute one, it can double as a clutch handbag too! Yay for versatile!

E’s stylish pick: Radley Black Medium Pouch

Editor’s note: This article was created in collaboration with Radley, however all style choices, words, opinions and creative direction are my own.

Street style photography: Ben Kapur

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